Smart applications need smart energy

23. März 2020, 08:32 Uhr   |  VARTA Microbattery

Smart applications need smart energy
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Batteries for various applications in the Internet of Things (IoT)

Globally networked devices, machines and sensors have long left the realms of fantasy and become reality thanks to the “Internet of Things” (IoT). The Internet of Things is about to revolutionise our daily lives. A precisely tailored energy supply is an essential prerequisite for ensuring that the growing and increasingly differentiated IoT applications function. Batteries need to last for a very long time and their performance must meet the requirements of the respective use.
VARTA Microbattery  offers battery solutions like Lithium-Ion, Lithium und Nickel-Metall Hydride for various applications in IoT.  How the different application scenarios in IoT and their tailor-made battery solutions look in everyday use shows the clip “The Connected World powered by VARTA”. It is presenting concrete applications in the three areas Smart Home, Smart City and Smart Factories and Industry 4.0. More information is available under

Modern high-performance applications such as premium wireless headphones, wearable wristband displays, medical sensors and dispensing systems, security and access control solutions as well as smart toys require a light and powerful power source with outstanding performance specifications and maximum quality.  VARTA offers for these applications the rechargeable CoinPower series. As technology and innovation leader for rechargeable Lithium-Ion cells CoinPower reaches the highest energy density which is up to 30 per cent greater than that of comparable batteries. The latest cell, the CP1240 reaches among the 4 millimeter flat cells the highest capacity. The compact power cell has a diameter of 12,1 millimeter and a capacity of 43 mAh.

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