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These are the champions!

21. Juni 2022, 13:00 Uhr | Harry Schubert

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embedded award 2022 Kategorie Startup
Vincent Huard (left), CTO of Dolphin Design, together with Colin Duggan (right), CEO of BG Networks, are delighted about the embedded award in the Startup category and the associated media budget. No representative from the third award winner, A-China Semiconductor, came to Nuremberg.
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In the Start-up category, all three nominees were awarded media packages donated by WEKA Fachmedien:

  1. Media package worth 20,000 euros: Dolphin Design with the Edge AI/ML accelerator (NPU) TinyRAPTOR.
    Tiny RAPTOR from Dolphin Design is an energy-efficient Neural Processing Unit (NPU) IP platform which addresses TinyML applications. Tiny RAPTOR computing performances rely on Processing Elements (PE) with dedicated instruction sets to enable a unique, near-memory computing feature. This approach offers two direct benefits:
    • both pre-processing and post-processing of Neural Networks can be managed directly into the accelerator without the need for an external core, offering SW flexibility compared to the MAC array approach.
    • Data reuse is maximized with almost no data movement (near-memory) from/to the L2 memory in TinyML applications, saving a great deal of of energy at a the system level

      Dolphin Design
      Hall 3A, Booth 225
  2. Media package worth 15,000 Euro: BG Networks with the Security Automation Tool (BGN-SAT).
    The BGN-SAT Security Automation Tool from BG Networks helps embedded software engineers to quickly improve security, reduce development time, and take advantage of in-silicon security features in their IoT designs. An intuitive GUI-based software tool, BGN-SAT is used to define a security profile aligned to an embedded device's cybersecurity needs and automatically implement a customized solution. BGN-SAT is complemented by BG Networks' open-source security architecture BGN-ESSA, and provides embedded engineers with a low-code software platform to quickly develop security controls as the foundation for maintaining secure IoT designs via secure boot, encryption, authentication, and secure software updates.

    BG Networks
    Hall 3A, Booth 225
  3. Media package worth 10,000 Euro: A-China Semiconductor with the MCU007, a 32 bit microcontroller with PUF security function.
    The MCU007 from A-China Semiconductor is a 32 bit microcontroller with a PUF security function. Physical unclonable function (PUF) utilises small physical variations which occur naturally during semiconductor manufacturing, unpredictable, unclonable, truly random and very reliable. The concept follows the principle of the human fingerprint. Applications include firmware protection, smart lock, car key, IoT authentication, anti-fake, branding, licensing, tagging, matching with blockchain technology and many other applications related to security such as NFT and cryptocurrency with many more applications currently under development. OEMs can use the MCU007 for new product development and use the PUF ID to protect their firmware and prevent designs being copied.

    A-China Semiconductor
    virtual booth

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