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Distance Alerts for Enterprises

29. April 2020, 06:48 Uhr   |  Joachim Kroll

Distance Alerts for Enterprises
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The »Distancer« warns when the minimum distance is not reached and can measure distances to within 10 cm.

How to maintain the required minimum distance at the workplace? - A small device helps. The developers are looking for partners in order to realize a mass production.

Engineers at Phytec Messtechnik in Mainz, Germany, have developed a device for distance warning between colleagues and for pandemic tracking to protect their own employees.

The device warns acoustically and visually from a distance of less than 2 m; if the distance is less than 1.5 m, the encounters are stored with duration on the affected devices.

The ultra-wideband technology used by Phytec enables a measuring accuracy of +/- 5 cm and is much more accurate than the Bluetooth technology used by smartphones, for example. The devices work offline, have no contact with the Internet, do not use location coordinates and do not record personal data.

In order to interrupt the chain of infection (pandemic preparedness), the company can precisely narrow down the category I contact persons in the event of a Covid 19 disease from the records of the device of the employee who tested positive. 
Due to the unique selling point of high measurement accuracy, the number of employees to be isolated is limited to an absolute but safe minimum.

The managing director Michael Mitezki says: »We need such devices in the short term in order to be able to implement the Corona occupational safety regulations and to be able to better protect our employees. In order to fight the pandemic, we are looking for partners in the electronics industry to finalize this product development as quickly as possible to series production readiness and production in large quantities for medium-sized companies«. Therefore, Phytec has set up the website, among other things. Here companies can pre-order the devices. However, it is also possible to license the blueprint and have a series of devices produced under their own name by Phytec or another manufacturer. 50,000 orders are necessary for series production to take place.

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