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Distance alerts for employees

16. Juni 2020, 12:51 Uhr   |  Manne Kreuzer

Distance alerts for employees
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Out of its own necessity, Phytec has developed a distance warning device so that in the event of a corona infection, the chain of infection can be precisely detected.

This means that only the absolute minimum number of employees has to be sent into quarantine to further ensure the production and delivery of medical components. The product is ready for series production and can now be used by other companies or authorities.

The measurement between two "distancers" is carried out using ultra-wideband technology and thus achieves an accuracy of +/- 5 cm. If at least two distancers approach each other, a flashing signal is emitted at a distance of 2 m, and if the distance is less than 1.5 m, a beep is emitted in addition to the flashing signal. In addition, the contact data can be saved when the distance is undercut, so that the chain of infection can be traced in accordance with data protection regulations. Phytec developed the extended version of the distancer Pro for this purpose.

The distancer whose carrier is infected with Covid-19 will be analyzed. Here you can see which other distancers, have exceeded the critical time in a defined period. And only the carriers of these identified distancers must be sent into quarantine.

Data security is very important, so care has been taken to ensure that anonymisation is used in accordance with DGSVO: the data recorded is stored locally and the data must be compared with another list by an authorised employee when tracing the chain of infection.

Distancer GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Phytec Messtechnik, was founded for sales.

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