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What's next for Automotive SerDes

22. April 2021, 14:33 Uhr   |  Ingo Kuss

What's next for Automotive SerDes

Automotive SerDes Conference

The importance of fast display and sensor connections in vehicles is growing - as is the number of solutions on offer. The Automotive SerDes Conference 2021 provides a comprehensive overview of this situation with a special focus on SerDes.

After a very successful start in 2020 with more than 160 participants from the USA, Europe and Asia, the Automotive SerDes Conference in October 2021 will again provide a comprehensive overview of current and future developments in the entire SerDes environment - from proprietary solutions to new standards (ASA/MIPI) and asymmetric Ethernet. In addition, the conference will also compare the use of SerDes with other high-speed display and sensor connections.

The second international Automotive SerDes Conference will be held as a virtual event from October 12-14, 2021. The conference language is English. Those wishing to participate in the call for papers can submit proposals for presentations and workshops on these topics, among others:

  • Fundamentals for SerDes users
  • Markets and strategies
  • Physical layer / data link layer / first engineering samples
  • Security and functional safety
  • Compliance / interoperability
  • Tools and test methods
  • Use cases: new possibilities for SerDes use
  • Architecture: connecting SerDes to the IVN
  • Comparison to other high-speed display and sensor connections

Please submit your proposals via our online tool on the event website by the end of May 2021.

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