embedded world Conference Anmeldung
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"The place to be" for embedded developer

embedded world Conference is the worlds largest event of its kind

Since 16 years the embedded world Conference, organized by DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK, a leading…

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With virtualization

Congatec and Real-Time Systems Let Robot Play the Piano

The robot continues to play the piano without interruption while the Windows user…

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Tunç Doluca, Maxim in conversation with Iris Stroh, Markt & Technik
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Maxim Integrated

Completely happy on its own

Maxim is probably one of the companies which is being speculated most frequently as a…

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Hohe Interoperabilität durch Gateway-Unabhängigkeit – dafür sorgt die Bluetooth-Mesh-Technologie der Turck-Duotec-Lichtsteuerungen
© Turck Duotec

Turck Duotec

Light Control with Bluetooth Mesh

Turck Duotec relies on a new mesh-capable Bluetooth module for its modular lighting…

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Volvo S90, V90, XC60 and XC90 T8 Twin Engine AWD Inscription
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Focus on E-Mobility

Volvo Cars to eliminate diesel from the new S60 sedan

The new Volvo S60 sedan - to be launched later this spring - will be the first Volvo to be…

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Christoph Schumacher, Infineon: »Es soll also ausgelotet werden, wie wir universelle KI-Funktionen entwickeln können, die wir in eine Vielzahl von Chips für unterschiedliche Zielsysteme im oder außerhalb des Autos integrieren können.«
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AI and Automotive Development Center in Dresden

Products for automotive and power electronics as well as AI will be the focus of…

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Die  IT-Konzerne von VW setzen auf maschinelles Lernen
© Volkswagen


»Machines That Can Think Are Only for the Movies«

Group IT at Volkswagen deals with artificial intelligence in many facets. The focus is on…

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Bei der neuen Feinmetall Tunisie sind bereits rund 70 Mitarbeiter mit komplexen Montagearbeiten beschäftigt
© Feinmetall

Test Engineering

Feinmetall Expands in Tunisia

Feinmetall is pushing ahead with its internationalisation and has founded a subsidiary in…

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European Semiconductor Distribution Market (DMASS) Shows Solid Growth in Q1/2018

Europ. Semiconductor Distribution Market

6.9 % growth in semiconductor distribution for Q1/CY18

The European semiconductor industry continues to grow solidly in 2018. According to DMASS…

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Apple iPhone 7
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Samsung still leads the pack

Smartphone sales 2017: Apple loosing Top 2 rank to chinese maker

Currently Apple is the richest company in the world. But the iPhone is loosing marketshare…

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