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New IC and Evaluation Board

IO-Link-Tranceiver-IC von Creative Chips
New IO-Link-Transceiver-IC
© Crative Chips

With the new ASSP CCE4502, Creative Chips expands its portfolio of chips for IO-Link.

Creative Chips offers the revised and enhanced IO-Link device ASSP CCE4502 as part of the already proven IO-Link circuit family CCE45xx. For the supply of external components a 7 V switching regulator, an adjustable 3.3 V/5 V voltage regulator and a 5 V-LDO with a fixed output voltage is integrated.

The new version includes a 1.2 V voltage reference for external use and a clock output with low temperature coefficient and ±2 % accuracy. The output stage is adjustable in PNP, NPN or push-pull mode and provides a continuous current of up to 200 mA. The slew rate of the output stage is modifiable.

Blockschaltung des IO-Link-Transceiver-ICs CCE4502 von Creative Chips.
The new IO-Link transceiver IC CCE4502 from Creative Chips contains three voltage regulators to supply external circuits.
© Crative Chips
Evaluierungs-Board für den IO-Link-Transceiver-IC CCE4502 von Creative Chips.
For its new IO-Link transceiver IC CCE4502 Creative Chips also offers a development module with suitable software.
© Crative Chips

Beside to the QFN24 package (4 × 4 mm2), the device is available for sensor applications on ultra-small or flex PCBs as a 24-ball CSP with a size of 2.0 × 2.6 mm2 only. For new engineering designs Creative Chips provides a low-cost evaluation board based on a Cypress PSoC 8C processor and associated software stack.

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