With and without touch surface

Mini color displays for the Raspberry Pi Pico

3. August 2022, 11:00 Uhr | Tobias Schlichtmeier
Touch Display
The mini display for the Raspberry Pi Pico is available with and without touch surface.
© Display Visions

Many exciting projects can be implemented with the Raspberry Pi Pico. Tools, developer code and additional hardware help. For example, the new mini color display from Display Visions.

Display Visions introduces a new color display for the Raspberry Pi Pico. The »EA RaPicoTFT009« offers a screen size of 0.9 inches. Nevertheless, the display has a resolution of 160 x 80 pixels.

Thanks to IPS technology (In-Plane-Switching), the display from Display Visions provides a high-contrast image with vivid colors in all viewing directions. The display is even available with a capacitive touch surface as the »EA RaPicoTFT009TC«. This can be used to display both texts and images. Corresponding software with a C library, numerous functions and detailed documentation is supplied by the manufacturer. This makes it easy to display measured values and parameters. Designed as a so-called »shield«, developers can plug it directly onto the Raspberry Pi.

With a power consumption of 80 mW, the display is suitable for IoT applications. Only one of the two SPI interfaces and one of 26 GPIO pins (GP13) have to be used on the Raspberry. The variant with touch panel (»EA RaPicoTFT009TC«) additionally occupies an I²C bus interface as well as another GPIO pin as interrupt input (GP8). If you don't know yet which projects you could implement with the Raspberry Pi Pico, you can find inspirations here.

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