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»It is very hard to find C++-developers in Europe«

23. Februar 2021, 13:25 Uhr   |  Corinne Schindlbeck

»It is very hard to find C++-developers in Europe«
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Microsystems engineers are in great demand, the job market is stable »at a good to high level«, the only problem during the current pandemic is the (lack of) willingness of those in demand to switch jobs. Developers with an appetite for sales are particularly well paid.

Developing embedded systems based on high-performance components and reliable software; anyone who can do this is in demand in the automotive industry, in automation technology, in mechanical and plant engineering, in medical technology or in environmental and energy technology. In other words; almost everywhere.

The number of electronic control devices in cars is constantly increasing while software functions are also being integrated into large integration control units. This is the business domain of PiNTeam, a Munich-based start-up with a developer base in Romania, in which the Japanese automotive supplier Denso acquired a stake a year ago. PiNTeam develops software for electronic control units in cars.

»Among other things, we support our customers in the development and maintenance of complex software structures for future vehicle generations,« explains PiNTeam founder and CEO Marius Pintea. His start-up aims to grow strongly – but is Pintea currently finding all the skilled workers his company needs to do so? He says it's very hard to find developers in Europe right now. »Employees are reluctant to change and remain loyal to their employers, even if they are not very satisfied there,« he explains.

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For Marius Pintea, Founder and CEO of the Munich Start-up PiNTeam, »It is currently very hard to find developers in Europe, employees are reluctant to change and remain loyal to their employers, even if they are not very satisfied there.«

For PiNTeam stability is the top priority at the moment. Nevertheless, they were able to hire enough new employees last year to be able to fulfill all their projects, he said. »If we combine Romania and Germany we grew by 17 %,« Pintea said, »although it's much easier to find skilled workers in Romania at the Timisoara site.« This year, he said, they plan to hire more again. In Romania, an experienced C++ developer earns about 35,000 euros gross per year, while in Germany that figure is 70,000 to 75,000 euros for the same qualifications.

PiNTeam is currently looking for specialists especially for the Adaptive Automotive area, »Here we are developing very strongly and are currently looking for 30 C++ developers. For our core business AUTOSAR, we also still need experienced system integrators for customer adaptation.« Despite the Corona pandemic, hiring freezes and sales problems in the automotive industry, PiNTeam can look back on a successful year. »In the end, 2020 was our so far.«

It is true that a number of projects and thus sales volume were lost in the first six months. But the second half of the year »was very good,« says Pintea. In the end, he says, Corona even helped because the company was able to identify itself as a very specialized partner: »OEMs and TIER1s were no longer looking for the cheapest, but the best price-performance ratio, quality at a fair price. And that is our speciality.« The fact that they have come through the pandemic so far very well and in a stable manner helped to "bring new and very experienced colleagues to us.

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