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With a new Pod to Los Angeles

25. Juni 2019, 11:51 Uhr   |  Tobias Schlichtmeier

With a new Pod to Los Angeles
© Andreas Heddergott | TUM

The team of the TU Munich is looking forward to the competition, where they will compete with the new Pod.

In 2015, Elon Musk started the »SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition« – a competition in which teams compete against each other with their self-developed super-high-speed-trains, the so-called pods. The TU Munich (TUM) team has already won three times. Now the fourth triumph is to follow.

The Hyperloop is a fast train that, for example, will cover the distance from Munich to Berlin in 30 minutes in a tube system. To achieve this goal, Elon Musk founded the »SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition«. In Los Angeles, different teams compete against each other with their super-high-speed-trains.

Record in sight

Already three times, the train of the student team of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) was the fastest in the tube, which was especially built for the competition. The pod reached a total of 467 km/h last year. Now they have presented the fourth generation super-high-speed-train. It is 1.70 m long, 50 cm wide and weighs about 70 kg, 8 kg lighter than the old one. This year the students want to set a new high-speed record and let the new Pod race at 600 km/h through the tube in Los Angeles on 21st July.

William Bittner, Sebastian Rink, Filip Milikić, Lisa Küpper, Ana Eloisa Garcia, Kiran SK, Archishman Roy.
© Andreas Heddergott | TUM

Last preparations before finishing the new Hyperloop Pod (f.l.t.r.): William Bittner, Sebastian Rink, Filip Milikić, Lisa Küpper, Ana Eloisa Garcia, Kiran SK, Archishman Roy.

New braking system, new name

The fourth Hyperloop Pod reaches a maximum output of 320 kW, twice as much as its predecessor. Lithium polymer batteries provide more power at a lower weight. The students have come up with a new braking system in particular. It is a self-developed system consisting of four different braking systems that work independently of each other. The students brought in their experience from the past four years and were able to fall back on former TUM inventors during the development.

The name of the team has also changed. At this year's competition the team will compete under the name »TUM Hyperloop«, no longer »WARR Hyperloop«. The reason: The team is no longer part of the WARR study group, but of the newly founded association »Next Prototypes«. The student team is supported by TUM and »UnternehmerTUM«, the university's own business incubator.

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