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VW's own loading service comprises 150,000 loading points

21. Juli 2020, 10:30 Uhr   |  Irina Hübner

VW's own loading service comprises 150,000 loading points
© Ionity

Through Ionity, Volkswagen is participating in the development of a Europe-wide rapid charging network (charging capacity up to 350 kW). Currently, around 250 Ionity charging stations are in operation in 20 countries, with a further 50 under construction.

Simultaneously with the market launch of the ID. family, VW is starting its own charging service: With »We Charge«, Volkswagen customers will be able to charge their e-cars at more than 150,000 public charging points throughout Europe in the future. We Charge can be booked and used from mid August.

Access to the charging points is via the We-Charge charging card: customers can choose from three individual charging rates, each of which is tailored to different user groups. There is no basic fee for the »We Charge Free« basic tariff. It ensures the basic service with just one charge card and is particularly suitable for e-car drivers who rarely charge publicly.

»We Charge Go« offers lower prices for the individual charging processes and is the right choice for drivers who regularly charge at public charging points. »We Charge Plus« is the tariff for all frequent drivers. For example, they pay 30 ct/kWh at Ionity in Germany and can thus use the Europe-wide fast-charging network at a comparatively low price.

»With the increase in electric mobility on our roads, public charging in particular is becoming increasingly important. With We Charge, Volkswagen offers customers the right solution to make rapid and trouble-free progress in Germany and Europe - electrically, environmentally friendly and above all convenient,« says Richard van Tatenhove, Head of Digital Charging Services at Volkswagen.

Die We-Charge-Ladetarife im Überblick.
© Volkswagen

The We-Charge loading tariffs at a glance.

Digital control via the »We Connect ID. App«

We Charge offers digital functions around charging, which can be accessed via the »We Connect ID. App« can be used. The app enables the user to find all available We Charge charging points. The app also provides information on the charging price and availability of the charging points (free / occupied). In the future it will be possible to display only charging points that are operated with »green electricity« on request.

The intelligent route guidance takes into account both the available charging points and the desired charging strategy. This makes planning easier, especially on longer routes. Users of the ID. Charger Connect / Pro, the VW wallboxes for charging at home, receive additional online services such as charging statistics, access management or remote control via We Charge.

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