Twelve Key Trends in Automotive Displays

19. März 2021, 08:45 Uhr   |  Stefan Drouzas | ROHM Semiconductor

Twelve Key Trends in Automotive Displays
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The number of displays in cars is constantly increasing. ROHM shows the most important trends in automotive display technology and outlines the company's part in this development.

More than 30 years ago, the first navigation systems found their way into cars, later growing into Center Information Displays (CIDs). Today, displays for the instrument cluster and center console are part of the standard configuration in the higher and mid-range market segments. Other applications with displays such as head-up displays and electronic mirrors have also been realized in the meantime. In parallel, displays are also being used for other in-car applications, such as entertainment.

In ROHM's blog post »12 Display Technology Trends Shaping the Automotive Future«, the company provides an overview of the trends in automotive display technology.


  1. Larger display, higher resolution
  2. Head-up displays, electronic mirrors and more
  3. The display – central component for future user interface concepts
  4. Innovative chip solutions
  5. Changing architecture
  6. Reducing complexity
  7. Display interfaces
  8. A new serial protocol
  9. Mechanical stability: Ensuring driver’s safety
  10. Image analysis is crucial
  11. Access to Information – anytime
  12. Technology beyond data

In addition, the blog also highlights ROHM's role in these developments.

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