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Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen wins the Hermes Award 2020

16. Juli 2020, 16:09 Uhr   |  Andreas Knoll

Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen wins the Hermes Award 2020
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This time the Hermes Award was presented during the Hannover Messe Digital Days.

The machine tool manufacturer Trumpf has won this year's Hermes Award at the Hannover Messe - for the "omlox - open location standard". The award was presented during the Hannover Messe Digital Days.

The "omlox - open location standard" is the first open standard for positioning services. The jury, chaired by Prof. Dr. Reimund Neugebauer, President of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, honoured omlox as a global solution independent of positioning technology. More than 60 industrial companies were involved in the development of omlox. The omlox standard combines all positioning services available on the market, such as UWB, WLAN, BLE, GPS or 5G. They are transformed into a uniform coordinate reference system and can be made available for internal use on edge platforms or for global use in a cloud. With omlox, information from all positioning technologies can be used for the first time. The position data bundled in this way enables a targeted optimization of process flows. Based on the omlox standard, an interoperable ecosystem will be created in which the heterogeneous technical infrastructures will be harmonized, making IIoT and Industry 4.0 affordable for medium-sized businesses.

"With omlox, Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen is showing the way to a versatile, standardized and yet flexible production environment," explains Neugebauer. "The award is for the first open and interoperable standard for positioning services in an industrial environment. It was developed in collaboration with 60 industrial companies. The integrative solution facilitates the use of hardware and software from different manufacturers, right through to plug-and-play - a step that companies consistently find very helpful.

The Hermes Award is the international technology prize of the Hannover Messe and is awarded annually during the trade fair. It is aimed at all companies and institutions exhibiting at the Hannover Messe and honours outstanding products and innovative solutions that demonstrate a particularly high degree of technological innovation. Because the Hanover Fair had to be cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the prize was awarded digitally for the first time. From 2021 onwards, the winner of the Hermes Award will again be honoured at the opening ceremony of the Hannover Messe.

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