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Toyota Subsidiary Acquires Renovo Motors

Toyota Renovo Motors
The acquisition of Renovo Motors represents an important addition to the Arene open software platform for developing programmable cars.
© Renovo Motors

Woven Planet Holdings, a Toyota subsidiary, has acquired Renovo Motors, a Silicon Valley-based developer of vehicle operating systems. Renovo works on software solutions for the open Arene platform for developing programmable cars.

Through the acquisition, Woven Planet aims to strengthen itself with experts who will support the Toyota team with their know-how in building a completely software-based vehicle infrastructure. Renovo's engineers will also contribute their platform and software to the collaboration. Based on this, a hardware-independent operating system can be created for upcoming vehicles.

In line with recent acquisitions this year, Renovo complements Woven Planet's strategy to bring together world-class talent and expertise in automated driving, vehicle operating systems and next-generation mapping. This is how Woven Planet aims to shape the mobility of tomorrow.

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