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Tool Suite for Safety- and Security Critical Applications

11. April 2018, 9:28 Uhr | Joachim Kroll
Due to the strong penetration of modern vehicles with electronics, safety and security are relevant in many places.

Connectivity has increased the significance of both functional safety and security for today’s vehicles. To address the evolving automotive market, LDRA offers the LDRA tool suite for Automotive.

The tool suite is a requirements-through-verification solution fine-tuned for tackling secure, safety-critical automotive applications including ISO2 6262 compliance. It includes tools for standards compliance, automated software verification, requirements traceability, static analysis, unit testing, and structural coverage analysis that help developers of automotive systems meet software quality and test requirements.

This week LDRA announces support for SAE International’s Surface Vehicle Recommended Practice J3061 to help ensure automotive cybersecurity. The LDRA tool suite for Automotive now provides an ISO 26262-compliant cybersecurity development process for critical automotive applications to ensure safety, including advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous vehicles, infotainment, steering and braking, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning systems and more.

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Support for AUTOSAR Coding Standard

In addition, LDRA extends its coding standards expertise with support for the AUTOSAR Coding Standard within the LDRA tool suite. The tool suite supports the latest advances in automotive development, leveraging C++14 on high-end microcontrollers for complex automotive applications. Development organizations can automate code reviews for compliance with the AUTOSAR standard to quickly identify and repair potential coding flaws and vulnerabilities, saving time and money in the production of high-assurance software.

»The complexity of electrical and electronic systems in automobiles is creating new functional safety concerns, while connected vehicles are becoming obvious targets for cybersecurity attacks,« said Ian Hennell, operations director, LDRA. »In this environment where we are hyper-aware of safety and security, LDRA continues to take additional steps – support for the AUTOSAR Coding Standard and the J3061 cybersecurity development process – to show our commitment to helping automotive suppliers and OEMs create high assurance software for life-critical automotive applications.«

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