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»The trend is, to buy in Europe«

15. Dezember 2020, 11:00 Uhr   |  Tobias Schlichtmeier

»The trend is, to buy in Europe«
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Jochen Gimple is Managing Director of Kontron Electronics in Germany and VP ODM/EMS at Kontron.

Development-related services and customer-specific developments are becoming increasingly important in the embedded sector. Even Kontron has recognized this. What is changing therefore at the embedded specialist, explains Jochen Gimple.

Mr. Gimple, Kontron recently expanded ODM/EMS to whole Europe with an alliance. How did the decision come about?
The decision for Kontron to offer Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) and Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) in an alliance was made recently. The market for EMS is highly competitive and will continue to grow steadily in the future – if only because of increasing digitalization. In addition, at least since the beginning of the Corona crisis, the trend has been to prefer buying in Europe instead of Asia.

Do you also provide services in the mere EMS market at Kontron?
Yes, EMS is nothing new at Kontron. However, we have only recently formed a network of companies within the Kontron Group. Since July, we provide EMS services across six different locations. Our network extends from Germany through Austria and Slovenia to Hungary. In Austria and Hungary, we even have two production sites each.

Are there economic reasons for merging EMS activities?
Merging in an organizational network makes sense as much as we can generate synergies together for the benefit of our customers. The market in which we operate is becoming more and more competitive every year. Size in the market and investment power is and will be a decisive factor. We believe that Kontron is well equipped for this. Despite their size, the individual companies in the group operate as medium-sized enterprises. We would also like to maintain this regarding to individual customer concerns. In this way, we are always in the position to react quickly, competently, and flexibly to the wishes of our customers. The markets will change with great dynamic in the future – we are well equipped for this in the ODM/EMS network.    
Thank you very much for the interview, Mr. Gimple.

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