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The Rutroniker 1/2021 is out now

27. Mai 2021, 14:36 Uhr   |  Achim Grolman

The Rutroniker 1/2021 is out now
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Customer magazine Rutroniker 1/2021 available as an e-paper

Distributor Rutronik just published a new issue of their technical magazine, Rutroniker powered by Markt&Technik. Stuffed with know-how and application examples, the new edition introduces new components and system technology insights. It also features a special section on automotive electronics.

It’s a tradition already for Rutronik to provide electronics engineers and purchasing managers with its magazine in autumn; this year, however, the distributor surprises the readership with an additional issue in spring.

The Rutroniker is available in both a printed and an online edition, in German and in English. This direct link takes you to the English e-paper version:

Rutroniker powered by Markt&Technik 1/2021, English

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