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The Mobility Requirements of Generation Z

01. Oktober 2020, 11:41 Uhr   |  Irina Hübner

The Mobility Requirements of Generation Z

What does contemporary mobility look like? Ford and the Zukunftsinstitut investigated this question: Although Generation Z still considers the car to be highly relevant, the coexistence of cars and other forms of mobility is increasing.

In cooperation with the German Zukunftsinstitut, Ford has used the latest edition of the trend study »Mobility Zeitgeist« to examine the wishes, needs and requirements of Generation Z in terms of socio-political questions about mobility. Conclusion of the current survey among more than 2,000 randomly selected persons of the 18 to 23-year-olds today: Mobility today is synonymous with multimodality, flexibility and freedom. At the same time, the car remains highly relevant in the target group of 18 to 23-year-olds.

Understanding Generation Z

»It is interesting to note that mobility as a whole enjoys a very high status in Generation Z. Being mobile is an important basis for fulfilling their life goals and Gen Z's need for freedom and flexibility,« reports Julia Piskurek, responsible for mobility partnerships and innovation at Ford plants in Germany. The values of Gen Z are complex and quite serious. They revolve around professional success, the value of friends and family. In the search for individuality in a global world, in addition to the desire for a meaningful, fulfilling career (83 percent), the young generation's priorities are things like »having fun and enjoying life« (83 percent) and »having time for themselves and their own interests« (85 percent).

For the balance between work and leisure time desired by 80 percent of Gen Z, mobility is an important cornerstone, because for them mobility is synonymous with flexibility (64 percent), independence (58 percent) and freedom (54 percent).

The importance of the car in the mobility mix

The Gen Z makes use of the manifold possibilities of mobility. It selects its means of transport according to how they best fit into its everyday life at any given moment. The car is still very important for this, but it must be integrated into an active, environmentally conscious lifestyle.

For the majority, the overall mobility costs are equally crucial. Seven out of ten Generation Z respondents would like to see the lowest possible prices, or mobility at low cost. Buying a car is no longer a primary goal of the younger generation. Because the car itself remains accessible. Gen Z uses the family car or borrows a car. Two thirds agree with the statement that »shared car trips with friends are fun«. Almost as many agree, however, that a car must first and foremost be practical and functional (64 percent) and should offer as many variable usage options as possible by designing the interior (56 percent).

Sustainable values in Gen Z

So-called sustainable values such as a socially responsible lifestyle and consumption style are considered important by 58 percent of those surveyed. Overall, however, green mobility has a high priority among young adults: 63 percent of Gen Z consider high environmental standards, resource and climate protection to be important criteria for ensuring that mobility really meets people's needs in the future. One in two say that driving an environmentally friendly car makes them feel good and are convinced that there should be more incentives to produce, buy and use environmentally friendly electric cars.

The Mobility Zeitgeist study is the continuation of the automobile manufacturer's Automotive Zeitgeist studies, which were published from 2013 to 2015.

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