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TESSY v5.1 with Hyper Coverage

10. März 2023, 6:00 Uhr | Harry Schubert
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New features implemented by Razorcat in version 5.1 of its TESSY test tool include Code Access and Hyper Coverage. The innovative feature of Hyper Coverage is that it is calculated from standard coverage dimensions, according to the standards for safety-critical applications.

At embedded world 2023, Razorcat is presenting a new version of their certified C/C++ unit and integration test tool TESSY including two innovative features: With “Code Access” and “Hyper Coverage” in TESSY v5.1, testers of embedded software can easily accumulate the coverage across different tests, testing levels and test tools – and automatically detect hidden or untested code in the full source code including all variants. The new TESSY functions help increase the software quality level of safety critical systems in all industrial application areas. Even more: With Code Access and Hyper Coverage, TESSY accelerates functional safety certification, which requires proof of the standard-compliant testing of all functionalities and their completeness via code coverage.

With Code Access, TESSY v5.1 ensures an automated analysis of the tested source code variants immediately after the tests have been set up. The tester can immediately see which lines of code have not been tested – without any extra effort. After test execution, the coverage measurement results will be accumulated into the Hyper Coverage to reveal any unreached source code lines.

The Hyper Coverage feature applies widely used coverage measurements (e.g. branch or MC/DC coverage) to create a relation between the measured coverage results with respect to the different code variations. Determining a Hyper Coverage from the available coverage results allows a complete view of the test coverage at source code level without diluting the specific coverage requirements of the standards and norms for the development of safety-critical software. Rather, Hyper Coverage reliably identifies untested code in the original C/C++ source files.

The outstanding technical innovation is that the Hyper Coverage is calculated from standard coverage measures required by the applicable norms and standards for the development of safety critical applications. Without any additional effort, the existing coverage results for each line of source code are combined. The tester gets to see automatically detected hidden and untested source code which significantly helps to increase software quality and safety.

TESSY supports the most common microcontrollers, compilers and debuggers and is qualified for safety-related software development according to IEC 61508 and ISO 26262.

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