High energy efficiency workstation

Spectra »PowerRack« with Intel CPU

14. Oktober 2022, 8:30 Uhr | Tobias Schlichtmeier
The new 19" industrial workstation from Spectra.
© Spectra

Work processes in industry such as 3D design, computer simulation or image processing require high graphics and computing power. The question of energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important here. On the one hand with regard to heat generation, on the other hand due to energy demand.

The new 19" industrial workstation »Spectra PowerRack 6000 /S10 SW680 High End System 2« from Spectra offers powerful computing and graphics performance with high energy efficiency. It achieves these advantages with the 12th generation Intel Core-i7-12700K processor used. It is more performant than previous models and uses both power and efficiency cores. With this, it operates as fast and energy-efficiently as possible in different requirement scenarios.

With a 1 TB M.2 NVMe SSD as system drive and two 2 TB M.2 NVMe SSDs as data drive (RAID 1), the computing processes are supported. The installed Nvidia RTX A4500 professional graphics card offers 20 GB of memory for complex graphics-intensive applications. With a consumption of 200 W, it remains below the requirements of many other high-end graphics cards, such as the RTX 3000 series. Parallel connection of four displays via DP1.4a port is possible. The built-in 80+ Titanium-class power supply ensures low heat loss with its efficiency of >94 %.

Four PCIe 5.0/3.0 and one PCI slot are offered for additional expansions, and the 2.5G LAN port is also worth mentioning. For applications that require particularly high performance, the system can be equipped with water cooling, which ensures optimal temperatures in the computer. Spectra also configures the PowerRack 6000 systems according to specific customer specifications and delivers them tested and ready to switch on.

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