Segger extends J-Trace PRO with RISC-V function

4. November 2022, 8:00 Uhr | Tobias Schlichtmeier
»J-Trace PRO RISC-V« enables an uninterrupted trace stream.
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Segger extends its debugging tool J-Trace Pro to all SiFive RISC-V cores of the E-series, which are equipped with the BTM trace module. This includes in particular the Streaming Trace, Live Code Profiling and Live Code Coverage tools.

For example, »J-Trace PRO RISC-V« enables an uninterrupted trace stream using its SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface. With this, the program sequences of the target processor can be processed in real time. This gives developers deep insight into their application. Streaming allows real-time trace data to be recorded over long periods of time without limitation. Therefore, the tool is suitable for code optimization, especially to detect irregularly occurring bugs that are difficult to reproduce.

With the help of Segger's J-Trace PRO's »Live Code Profiling«, you get a detailed insight into which instructions were executed and how often. Using this, developers can identify hotspots in the program flow and focus on optimizing them. Such profiles can later be exported by developers for documentation and analysis purposes using tools such as Segger's »Ozone« debugger.

In addition, J-Trace PRO enables live code coverage. It helps engineers and developers quickly identify which instructions have been executed and which have not. Code coverage is important in test verification. When executed in parallel with the test procedure, it clearly shows whether all areas of the application are covered by the test procedure. Test verification is essential in the area of functional safety. J-Trace PRO also has all the features of J-Links, such as super-fast flash loaders, a download speed of up to 4 MB/s and an unlimited number of breakpoints in flash memory.

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