SBC with »SystemReady« certificate

Seco joins Cassini project

17. Dezember 2021, 11:30 Uhr | Tobias Schlichtmeier
Seco's SBC-C61 is now »SystemReady« certified.
© Seco

The Italian company Seco is the next embedded specialist to join the Arm Cassini project. First of all Seco certifies the Single Board Computer »SBC-C61« as a SystemReady device.

With »Project Cassini«, Arm wants to provide companies with a cloud-based software ecosystem on an edge basis. More and more embedded specialists are following Arm's call and equipping their devices with the SystemReady technology initiated by Arm. Also Seco joins the project, which is initially offering its single board computer (SBC) »SBC-C61« with SystemReady. It is based on the NXP i.MX 8M Mini chip.

With Project Cassini, Arm and the participating companies are creating an ecosystem with standards for developing edge platforms. Among other things, Project Cassini provides cloud-based software and applications. The foundation of the project is Arm's SystemReady certification program. It ensures that Arm-based edge devices meet certain hardware and firmware requirements. SystemReady devices ensure interoperability with embedded Linux and other embedded operating systems. Thus, upon achieving SystemReady certification, the SBC-C61 gains a number of new hardware and firmware features.

In addition to SystemReady certification, Seco is aiming for »PSA Certifiedֿ« status for the SBC. PSA Certified is another important pillar of Project Cassini. PSA Certified devices meet important security objectives based on standards and use cases, enabling Seco to further pursue its security goals. Furthermore, Seco is involved in the development of Oniro. A project that aims to redefine how an open source operating system runs on IoT devices.

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