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“Quick Nick“ at embedded world

05. April 2018, 10:20 Uhr   |  Paulina Würth

“Quick Nick“ at embedded world
© Uwe Niklas

Heinz Arnold and Matthäus Hose interviewing Nick Heidfeld.

Former Formula 1 and current Formula E racing driver Nick Heidfeld visited embedded world on the first day.

Formula E was launched in 2014 and Nick Heidfeld has been part of it from the very start. Meanwhile, he drives for the Indian motor racing stable Mahindra Racing.

Technology partner Renesas, who are present with a large booth at embedded world, invited Heidfeld to come to Nuremberg. But before he began his autograph-signing session, he came to the Markt&Technik VIP Stage to talk about the life of a Formula E driver in an interview with Matthäus Hose and Heinz Arnold. Unfortunately the interview took place precisely at lunchtime, which meant that the background noise drowned out some of the questions and answers.

But what attracted the Formula 1 driver to switch to Formula E? “It‘s very exciting to see where Formula E is going. In contrast to conventional motorsport the technology is not yet so mature. Actually, a lot has happened during the last four years. For example, battery capacity has doubled – and what’s more the organizers are allowing more and more changes to the cars. Just a few parameters can make a big difference,” he explained.

“And on top of that, I‘m curious about how long it will take for Formula E cars to become faster than their petrol-powered competitors.”

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