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Prioritize Threat Alerts with AI

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Trend Micro now offers a Managed Detection & Response service using artificial intelligence and a threat information database.

With these extensions, the company is responding to the worldwide shortage of IT security specialists. This is exacerbated by the fact that even the best cyber security solutions produce a variety of threat reports that must be assessed by qualified personnel.

Regardless of their size, many companies today face the same challenge: their IT security teams are understaffed and overwhelmed with work. The sheer number of threat reports, the difficulty of prioritizing, and a far-reaching shortage of skilled personnel place a high burden on employees and thus a risk.

Trend Micro's approach combines advanced security capabilities and can stop threats using artificial intelligence to analyze large amounts of data. With the goal of reducing risks and automating responses as well as establishing an "interface for everything" approach, information can flow more easily between the different layers of the IT infrastructure. These enhancements shorten the analysis time for companies that react to security-relevant incidents autonomously. In addition, the total work load is reduced for all companies using the new MDR model.

"We know from our customers that the increasing complexity of threats leads to an understaffing and inability to act. That's why they are automating and unifying their AI detection and response capabilities," said Kevin Simzer, Chief Operations Officer at Trend Micro. "Customers are already reporting excellent results that we attribute to the threat information and expertise that forms the foundation of our solutions.

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