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PICMG ratifies IoT.1 specification

The IoT.1 specification defines a firmware interface and low-level data model.

PICMG announces the ratification of IoT.1 specification. It defines a communication standard between sensors or effecters and local IoT controllers such as micro Sensor Adapter Modules (microSAM). It complements IoT.0 specification.

The IoT.1 specification defines a firmware interface and low-level data model that provides vendor-independent configuration of smart sensors and effecters, as well as plug and play interoperability with higher levels of the installation. IoT.1 supports both sensing and profiled motion control required by most emerging Industry 4.0 applications. 

The IoT.1 specification is the first work product from PICMG based on collaboration with the DMTF organization. PICMG’s IoT.1 specification leverages and extends the Platform Level Data Model (PLDM) specification from Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) to address the needs of industrial automation and control. PLDM is a low level messaging system that supports topologies, eventing and discovery. It runs over a variety of system level buses such as I2C/SMBus and PCIeVDM (Vendor-Defined Message) over MCTP (Management Component Transport Protocol). As well as RMII-Based Transport (RBT, RMII = Reduced Media Independent Interface) over NC-SI (Network Controller Sideband Interface).

IoT.1 was developed in order to benefit the industry in four specific ways:

  • To enable sensor vendors to create smart sensors without having to manufacture the control circuitry and/or software by purchasing these components from PICMG-compliant suppliers.
  • To enable controller suppliers, who wish to create smart sensors or smart-sensor components, to do so in a way that is interoperable with other suppliers.
  • To enable sensor integrators to integrate sensors with controllers from multiple vendors.
  • To accelerate the uptake of smart-sensor technology through open-specifications and interoperability

When combined with the PICMG sensor-domain network architecture and data model, sensors connected to MicroSAMs (PICMG IoT.0) or other controller modules will seamlessly integrate into the network with plug-and-play interoperability. The specification can be purchased and downloaded at PICMG Website.

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