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CO2-neutral future

Opel headquarters gets green campus

Der historische Opel-Turm am Standort Rüsselsheim.
The historic Opel Tower at the Rüsselsheim site.
© Andreas Arnold/dpa

Stellantis is setting the course for a CO2-neutral future at its German headquarters in Rüsselsheim. A green campus is to be built at the Opel brand's headquarters by 2025.

From 2028, Opel will offer exclusively battery-electric vehicles in Europe. The green campus is to be completed three years earlier: State-of-the-art offices and workplaces for employees - including those from administration, research & development and sales - will be built on a significantly reduced footprint in the immediate vicinity of the modern production plant.

Rüsselsheim will thus make a decisive contribution to Stellantis' goal of becoming a CO2-neutral Group. The experience gained from the transformation of the site will also be used for other Group sites.

Constructive talks with the city and employee representatives on the further development of the site have already begun and will be continued in the coming months. In total, Stellantis expects investments in the three-digit million range due to the cooperation with an external investor.

»We are developing a CO2-neutral green campus here - with a consistent low-energy concept, the extensive use of solar panels on all roofs and extensive greening that will set an example,« says Opel CEO Uwe Hochgeschurtz. »Environmental friendliness and efficiency are our top priorities. The new Stellantis headquarters in Germany will be integrated into the historic K40 building structure. This ensures significantly less resource use compared to a completely new building and at the same time makes the great industrial tradition of our company visible. We are improving the competitiveness of the site by positioning ourselves more efficiently through shorter distances.«

Ralph Wangemann, Head of Human Resources at Stellantis in Germany adds, »The transformation of the automotive industry, which Stellantis and Opel are actively driving forward, will be particularly evident in Rüsselsheim. Our employees can already look forward to their future working environment. We are creating a highly attractive campus with state-of-the-art work equipment, excellent accessibility and the best conditions for flexible working characterized by communication and innovation.«

A new working concept called »New Era of Agility« is already being introduced in Rüsselsheim. This provides for a combination of mobile working and presence on campus. In modern and flexible workspaces, the focus will be primarily on collaboration and creative exchange.

Stellantis intends to become a CO2-neutral company and market leader in low-emission vehicles (LEVs). The goal is to achieve an LEV share of 70% of sales in Europe by 2030 and LEV of more than 40% in the US. All 14 of the Group's brands are committed to offering best-in-class fully electrified solutions. To achieve these ambitious goals, the company has announced an investment plan of 30 billion euros. Stellantis plans to ensure freedom of mobility in the most efficient, cost-effective and sustainable way.

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