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21. Dezember 2021, 14:30 Uhr | Tobias Schlichtmeier
Congatec Führungsteam
The top management at Congatec (from left to right): Gerhard Edi CSO, Daniel Jürgens CFO, Dr. Dirk Haft CEO, Konrad Garhammer CTO, Thomas Schultze COO.
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Deggendorf-based embedded specialist Congatec has made a change in its top management. Dr. Dirk Haft replaces Jason Carlson as CEO. The other four positions in the management team have also been prominently filled.

The new CEO at Congatec is Dr. Dirk Haft – Daniel Jürgens takes over as CFO. The new management team is completed by Gerhard Edi, Konrad Garhammer and Thomas Schultze. Edi, previously CTO, takes over the newly created position of CSO (Chief Strategy Officer). Konrad Garhammer, previously Director Engineering, takes over the duties of CTO. Thomas Schultze assumes the function of COO.

The aim of the newly formed management team is to accelerate internationalization and make the supply chains more reliable and efficient. The team is also expected to generate further growth in new markets such as functional safety and critical infrastructure. This requires building new competencies in both software and manufacturing.

Contributing many years of experience

Dr. Haft brings deep leadership experience to take Congatec to a new level of growth in the embedded and edge computing market. Before joining Congatec, Dr. Haft was a board member of Wittenstein SE and CEO of attocube systems. He holds a PhD in physics from Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. Daniel Jürgens adds international M&A and private equity experience to the management team. Before joining Congatec, he was CFO at VIA optronics. Based on his experience, Jürgens sees strong growth potential for Congatec. Gerhard Edi, co-founder of Congatec and a pioneer in the embedded industry, will be responsible for the future technology and product strategy as CSO, and will also be responsible for expanding strategic partnerships with technology suppliers, partners and customers.

The new CTO Konrad Garhammer joined the embedded specialist in 2016 from what is now Saab Sensor Systems Germany. Under the leadership of Gerhard Edi, as Director Engineering, he expanded the global development team to over 100 employees, developed it further and set it up in an organizationally agile manner. While Daniel Jürgens has already been working for Congatec since September 2021, Dr. Haft took up his new position on November 1st, 2021. Gerhard Edi, and Konrad Garhammer moved to their new positions on December 15th, 2021. The predecessors in office, CEO Jason Carlson and CFO Josef Wenzl, will accompany the new management team as Senior Advisors to ensure a smooth transition. The Advisory Board thanks Carlson and Wenzl for their dedication and leadership over the past years.

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