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Display/Sensor Connections in Vehicles

New Co-operations for SerDes Standardization


With an initial standard specification as well as through co-operation with international industry associations, the Automotive SerDes Alliance is aiming to promote the standardization of SerDes technology in vehicles.

The creation of an open market for as many participants as possible is the stated goal of the Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA). More than 50 members from industry and research are now taking part in the standardization of SerDes links for asynchronous signal transmission in cars. The ASA has furthermore established co-operations with two other major industry associations: the Japan Automotive Software Platform and Architecture (JASPAR) and the One-Pair Ethernet Special Interest Group (OPEN Alliance).

"In order to achieve broad distribution of ASA technology, it is important for us to consider the requirements of as many vehicle manufacturers as possible, the dialogue with JASPAR makes a significant contribution to this", explains the Chairman of the ASA Steering Committee Stefan Brunner (Continental) in conversation with Markt&Technik. In turn, the ASA expects synergies to come from its cooperation with the OPEN Alliance, which specializes in automotive Ethernet, especially in the further development of solutions at the physical transmission level (PHY). "Automotive SerDes and Automotive Ethernet are similar enough at the PHY level that the adoption of technical specifications, for example in channel testing, can be done without any problems", says Kirsten Matheus (BMW), who played a decisive role in the founding of both interest groups.  This not only expedites the development process, but is also important for the standardization of vehicle networks and the related cost savings. "Where possible we want to use the same cables and connectors for SerDes as for Ethernet with more than 1 Gbps.”

Indeed, the ASA, which was only founded last year, is making good progress: work on the first standard version "Automotive SerDes Alliance Specification V 1.0" is now almost complete. The draft, which will be available to ASA members in the next few weeks, comprises around 100 pages. In addition, the "Compliance & Testing Group" will soon become the Alliance’s fourth working group, complementing the three existing Technical Committees.

The status of SerDes standardization as well as current ASA activities will be on the agenda of the virtual Automotive SerDes Conference, to be held on October 13 and 14, 2020, as the world's first event dedicated exclusively to this transmission technology. Over the course of two days, all interested parties can inform themselves about the latest developments, current trends as well as concrete solution strategies in 16 lectures on the subject of Automotive SerDes. The detailed programme with focal points; technology, Chanel, architecture, test, application and security can be found on the conference website. The conference language is English.

Automotive SerDes Conference
The name says it all: On 13 and 14 October 2020, the focus will be exclusively on SerDes connectivity in vehicles.

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