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Modular automation kit replaces control cabinets

26. November 2021, 10:49 Uhr | Andreas Knoll
Automatisierungsbaukasten MX-System von Beckhoff Automation
With the robust baseplate and plug-in function modules from the areas of IPC, I/O, motion, relay, and system technology, the MX-System provides a flexible automation solution without a control cabinet in protection class IP67.
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With its "MX-System" automation system, Beckhoff Automation promises a revolution in control cabinet construction: As a flexible, modular and space-optimised system solution, it is intended to completely replace the conventional control cabinet in many cases.

As a system supplier, Beckhoff Automation offers almost all components required for the automation of a machine or plant: TwinCAT automation software, IPCs, controllers, I/Os, drives, motors, power supplies and cables form a basis for automation. At the same time, the company has also been active in control cabinet construction since it was founded in 1980 (with currently around 250 employees). Now the company has combined the knowledge of system and component technology as well as practical application experience in the new MX-System.

The MX-System is a uniform modular automation component that can be used to completely replace traditional control cabinets with modules in many applications. The system consists of a robust aluminum baseplate in protection class IP67 with integrated module slots that feature EtherCAT for communication and an integrated power supply (safety extra-low voltages as well as 400 V AC and 600 V DC). The largest expansion stage can even accommodate a connected load of 400 V AC / 63 A. Corresponding modules are available for the mains connection and all other control cabinet functions. When it comes to connecting the field level, the modules use connection plugs that have been tried and tested for many years in the field of automation technology. A system combination of baseplate and modules has a protection class of IP67 and can be mounted directly on the machine.

The system reduces the amount of effort involved for the manufacturer, especially during the planning and installation phases, while the integrated diagnostic functions reduce the complexity for the end user. This all combines to result in a modular control cabinet system with a high protection class that can be mounted on the machine without the need for additional protective housings.

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