Modernisation of EU Export Controls is welcome

26. März 2021, 12:04 Uhr   |  Iris Stroh

Modernisation of EU Export Controls is welcome
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ESIA welcomes the European Parliament’s adoption of the recast of the EU Dual-Use Regulation, as it will contribute to more uniform European export controls. The modernised regulation will also help to achieve a global level playing field in areas which are crucial for European competitiveness.

European semiconductor companies export advanced electronic components. In particular, ESIA (European Semiconductor Industry Association ) welcomes the introduction of the new EU General Export Authorisation (EUGEAs) on encryption and on intra-company transfers of software & technology. The two new EUGEAs provide the basic elements of an improved licensing architecture; they are a first step towards further alignment of rules in the field of encryption between the EU and third countries. European exporters have been at a disadvantage compared to competitors from other regions, as the latter could rely on license exemptions.

ESIA is committed to supporting the EU institutions in developing guidelines as needed, to achieve clear implementing rules in order to minimise the risk of diverging implementation within the EU. ESIA also welcomes the new mechanisms introduced by the regulation for further alignment and cooperation among Member States and the Commission on licensing. Finally, ESIA encourages the EU to continuously review the measures approved yesterday, to ensure these remain fit for purpose.

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