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Magna introduces digital radar system

30. Juli 2021, 9:21 Uhr | Irina Hübner
Das ICON-Digital-Radar von Magna erkennt Fußgänger in bis zu 150 Metern Entfernung.
ICON radar eliminates the interference problems associated with today's analog radars.
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The launch of the Fisker Ocean in 2022 marks the simultaneous debut of Magna International's all-new ICON digital radar. This will be the first application of a digital radar for driver-assistive technologies.

ICON radar significantly improves a vehicle's ability to »see« its surroundings and detect potential hazards - whether it's a broken-down vehicle in a poorly lit tunnel or a pedestrian up to 150 meters away.

In partnership with Austin, Texas-based Uhnder, Magna has developed ICON Digital Radar, which continuously scans the vehicle's entire environment in four dimensions. It enables higher resolution and better contrast than analog radar. As a result, ICON Radar is able to detect moving or stationary objects - large or small - at both short and long distances.

No two radars share the same code

In addition, ICON radar eliminates the interference problems associated with today's analog radars. Each digital radar has a quintillion unique codes embedded in the transmitted signal. This helps minimize the negative effects of mutual interference. No two radars in the world would have the same code.

In addition to vehicles and pedestrians, ICON Radar can identify low-lying objects and clear lanes on crowded, multi-lane roads.

»ICON Digital Radar significantly improves performance over today's analog radar and takes this technology to a level not previously achieved in automotive,« said Boris Shulkin, executive vice president, technology and investment at Magna International. »Similar to other digital breakthroughs in the consumer electronics and cell phone industries, we expect digital radar to change the way we think about the role of radar in road safety - today and in the future.«

Magna's pending acquisition of Veoneer, announced last week, is expected to further strengthen the company's radar portfolio. Veoneer brings more than a decade of experience in program execution as well as radar sensor production. ICON Radar is a part of Magna's overall portfolio of ADAS sensor solutions to provide automotive manufacturers with a comprehensive systems approach for the introduction of ADAS technology in their vehicles.

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