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5. April 2018, 9:46 Uhr | Manne Kreuzer
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SGeT member Peter Ahne from Portwell, shows how new UIC standard connects the cloud application with project management, with sensors, and actuators.
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In the universal IoT connector (UIC) the Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies (SGeT) comes to the show with the first IoT standard for embedded systems.

The fast spread of IoT solutions increases the number of cloud services and hardware configurations. To meet the challenges that this poses, the SGeT has devised a practice-oriented approach enabling uniform access to numerous hardware components of different manufacturers by a broad choice of protocols. “In less than six months SGeT has succeeded in developing a functioning solution from what started as an idea,“ enthuses Ansgar Hein, head of business development and marketing at iesy, “and here at the show we already see five executable demos of UIC implementation – and in different hardware/software combinations, depending on manufacturer.“ Unlike standards to date, the UIC interlinks at the transport level already, and not until application layers. The UIC is composed of three function blocks or interface descriptions: The embedded driver module interface controls the connected hardware periphery over drivers, and can thus provide sensors, actuators or other local information.

The project configuration interface is the configuration mechanism for embedded systems. This regulates the periphery that is to be driven, how raw data become information sets, and when data are transmitted to the server. The third function block is the communication agent interface, responsible for transfering information to the communication unit, that then sends data to the appropriate (cloud) server. “As a system house for embedded computing, we of iesy are seated a little between hardware and software of very different shades, and I can only say that this approach is bound to help us in future to develop more efficient and performant solutions for edge and cloud, as well as for local installations“, emphasizes Ansgar Hein. “The UIC means a great simplification for us.“

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