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Interest in edge computing is growing

29. Juni 2021, 14:30 Uhr   |  Tobias Schlichtmeier

Interest in edge computing is growing

The Eclipse Foundation has published its latest report on the use of IoT and edge computing. It shows that more and more companies are turning to open source applications. Edge computing is also increasingly becoming the focus of activities.

Recently, the Eclipse Foundation published its latest report on the commercial deployment of IoT and edge computing. The IoT and Edge Commercial Adoption Survey for 2021 is based on an online survey of more than 300 IoT and edge experts. It shows that enterprises are increasingly turning to open source to implement IoT and edge applications. Further, the report provides details on IoT and edge adoption by industry and key challenges faced by commercial users.

The top five conclusions from the survey data are:

  • Industry adoption of IoT applications is accelerating. 47 percent of respondents are currently deploying IoT applications and another 39 percent plan to deploy within the next 12 to 24 months.
  • Similarly, use of edge computing is on the rise. 54 percent of companies are either using edge computing or plan to use it within the next 12 months. Another 30 percent plan to evaluate edge implementations in the next one to two years.
  • 74 percent of enterprises are including open source in their plans, an increase of 14 percent from the 2019 survey. This clearly shows that the dominant IoT and edge platforms will either be open source or based on it.
  • The top 3 IoT and edge challenges are:
  1. end-to-end monitoring and management of IoT applications.
  2. device management
  3. security (network/devices/data).
  • There is a trend toward a hybrid cloud strategy. 44 percent of respondents say their IoT deployments use or will use a hybrid cloud (i.e., consisting of two or more different cloud infrastructures such as private and public). This represents a 22 percent increase over 2019.

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