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Hyperstone and Mouser sign distribution agreement

04. Februar 2021, 11:00 Uhr   |  Tobias Schlichtmeier

Hyperstone and Mouser sign distribution agreement
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Electronic storage provider, Hyperstone is now working with Mouser Electronics. Hyperstone announces a global distribution agreement with Mouser Electronics. This distribution deal adresses the increasing demand for reliable storage systems around the globe.

The Hyperstone product line available from Mouser Electronics includes the U9 USB 3.1 flash controller, ideal for robust memory drives or modules compatible to host systems with the USB 3.1 SuperSpeed 5 Gbps interface. The U9 controller features flash management and the company’s »hyMap« mapping system, which offers random write performance, minimal write amplification and high endurance for random access heavy-usage profiles such as Jedec enterprise. The U9 evaluation board is a fully assembled USB drive with onboard U9 flash memory controller that provides an easy-to-use turnkey solution for industrial, high-endurance applications.

The U8 USB 2.0 flash memory controller is also sold both individually or as a fully assembled evaluation board. Designed for host systems with a USB 2.0 interface, the controller is fully compliant to Hi-Speed and Full-Speed modes and is intended for industrial USB flash drives and embedded flash modules (eUSB) with demanding requirements. The U8 offers comprehensive compatibility with fault tolerant SLC NAND flash memories, ensuring maximum performance in storage systems even with demanding read/write cycles.

Mouser also now stocks the packaged F9 flash memory controller, which is also available as an assembled evaluation board. The F9 was designed to enable and support 3D flashes in legacy systems using CompactFlash or memory modules compatible to host systems with CompactFlash, IDE or PATA interfaces.

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