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Greater Amplitude resolution

12. April 2018, 17:56 Uhr | Markus Haller
The Oscilloscope R&S RTA 4000 uses a 10-bit A/D converter.
The R&S RTA 4000 uses a 10-bit A/D converter.
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Rohde & Schwarz is presenting a new developer oscilloscope with 100 MS memory and 10-bit amplitude resolution at embedded world – a novelty in this performance class.

The market for embedded oscilloscopes is structured into different classes defined as thousands – from 1000 to 4000. The target group for the former are ambitious private users and training companies, and for the latter, professional developers with more sophisticated requirements.

A newcomer to the 4000 class is the 4-channel oscilloscope R&S RTA4000. With 100 MS of memory per channel and a standard segmented acquisition memory of 1 GS, it offers users more memory than has previously been available in this performance class. Also out of the ordinary is the Rohde & Schwarz proprietary 10-bit A/D Converter – hitherto 8 bits have been more conventional.

The two-bit greater amplitude resolution enables, for example, more accurate ripple and noise measurements at DC voltages. The bandwidths of the various models range from 200 MHz to 1 GHz and can easily be selected by the user via software license.

This also applies to functional expansion options, such as 16 integratable logic test digital channels, options for protocol decoding and triggering on a variety of standard bus signals, as well as a built-in waveform generator.

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