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Fourth Location Will Be Established at ifak e.V. in Magdeburg

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Fourth Location Will Be Established at  ifak e.V. in Magdeburg
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Scientist of the ifak – Institute for Automation and Communication e.V. testing a radio system for data transmission.

A laboratory for the investigation of radio technologies for industrial applications will be established from September 2019 at ifak – Institute for Automation and Communication e.V. It is part of the national project »Industrial Radio Lab Germany«, in which a total of four locations will be set up.

The Industrial Radio Lab Germany provides regional expertise and infrastructure through its division into four locations, so that small and medium-sized enterprises in particular can test digitalization strategies.

Although various radio technologies are already commercially available for the industry, their distribution is currently low, because the strict requirements in the industrial sector, for example with regard to the security of the system, lead to reservations.

Übersicht zu den vier Standorten des Industrial Radio Lab Germany.
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The four locations of the »Industrial Radio Lab Germany«  – Bremen, Dresden, Kaiserslautern and Magdeburg – address four fields of application:1. aerospace, logistics, healthcare and automation;2. tactile production facilities and microelectronics;3. secure production facilities and the Internet of Things;4. flexible production and water management facilities.

In the four Industrial Radio Labs – Bremen, Dresden, Kaiserslautern and Magdeburg –  these reservations about radio communication are to be addressed in particular. Each laboratory focuses on the specific needs of different industries.

Thus the Magdeburg location attends to flexible production and plants of the water management. The Industrial Radio Lab of the Dresden University of Technology focuses on tactile production systems and microelectronic systems. The interests of the aerospace, logistics, health care and automation is dealt with by the University of Bremen and the Technical University of Kaiserslautern focuses on secure production facilities and the internet of things.

The ifak e.V. has more than 20 years of experience in researching industrial radio communication technology. »Test laboratory and experimental field of the Industrial Radio Lab Magdeburg will further improve the prerequisites for translating research results into practice,« says Dr. Lutz Rauchhaupt, Deputy Business Unit Manager ICT & Automation at ifak e.V.

The factory of the future will be characterized by shorter development cycles and higher product individualization and therefore requires quickly reconfigurable production resources. Radio systems are therefore becoming more and more interesting for networking machines and systems. This also includes the fifth generation of mobile radio (5G), which meets the requirements of industrial applications. For their testing, it is planned to cooperate with the 5G Campus – digital corridor in Magdeburg.

The Industrial Radio Lab Magdeburg will receive Euro 1.3 million as funding over the project period of 4.5 years. The established infrastructure and the network between research and industrial development will continue to be used at all locations after project completion.

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