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embedded award 2021

24. Februar 2021, 08:00 Uhr   |  Harry Schubert

embedded award 2021
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Embedded Award 2021

The embedded award jury has revealed the names of the companies nominated for the prestigious embedded award at embedded world 2021 Digital. The presentation and honoring of the winners will be broadcast live on Wednesday, 3 March.

The embedded award 2021 will be presented for particularly innovative products and developments. The most outstanding and innovative applicant will be selected from the categories Embedded Vision, Hardware, Software, Safety&Security and Tools. The jury has decided that, due to the changed framework conditions of the event this year, there will be an overall winner of the embedded award at embedded world 2021 DIGITAL.

As per usual, the winner of the start-up category will be presented with the embedded Start-Up award, and a 20,000 euros media budget from WEKA Fachmedien. The media budget offers the winner the chance to promote themselves and raise the profile of their company.

The jury has nominated the following companies for the embedded award 2021:



Data I/OSentriX Product
Maxim IntegratedMAX78000 Neural Network Accelerator
NXP SemiconductorsNXP S32R45 Imaging radar


The companies nominated in the category »Start-up« are:

KudanKudan Visual SLAM (KdVisual)


embedded award 2021

Awards ceremony

Wednesday 3 March, 13:30–13:50

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