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Digital Identity Card Control

26. Oktober 2018, 18:07 Uhr   |  Joachim Kroll

Digital Identity Card Control
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Mobile identity verification: IDnow uses artificial intelligence algorithms.

The IDnow platform performs automated online identification using AI procedures. The service is made available to companies as a service platform.

In the age of mobile commerce and instant messaging, customers are accustomed to being able to order immediately or to use services via the internet immediately. For some transactions, however, the verification of identity is necessary due to legal regulations. This applies, for example, to the opening of an account, the conclusion of certain contracts or products and services that are subject to age restrictions. For communication by mail, there is the Postident procedure, in which the customer identifies himself to a Deutsche Post employee and the latter certifies the identification document. To do this, however, the customer must visit a subsidiary and wait for the delay caused by the postal delivery. Therefore, some companies contact customers via video chat, which is time-consuming and personnel-intensive however. In addition, depending on the end device and data connection, the question arises as to whether the language is understandable and whether images are recognizable.

For 193 Countries

IDnow is a service provider that relieves companies of the identification process of their customers. In addition to the video chat process VideoIdent, the company is now also introducing a fully automated process with AutoIdent. This is supposed to work with ID documents from 193 countries at present, which would make it possible to verify the identity of around seven billion people online. The services AutoIdent, VideoIdent, and the electronic signature eSign are legally secure identification procedures that can be configured for the respective requirements of different industries and countries. The central IDnow platform eliminates media breaks, so that the conversion rate according to customer statements is around two-thirds higher than for processes that use a branch visit or an offline procedure, for example.

Giesecke+Devrient is also interested in the process and has invested in IDnow. The new AutoIdent procedure, which is a legally compliant procedure in finance in numerous countries and is suitable for the automotive, recruiting, and gaming industries in Germany, for example, can be easily integrated into companies' service apps. For customers, online identification via smartphone should be possible within one to two minutes. By accessing the smartphone camera, AutoIdent captures the machine-readable part of the ID document. IDnow technology also recognizes parts that cannot be read by machine, such as address fields, and thus offers an additional level of security. In the next step, further security features of the ID documents, such as holograms, are checked. The identification process for the customer is completed for the time being with a subsequent, short "liveness detection" via the camera. Based on the collected data, the solution calculates a risk index and completes the process depending on the result.

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