COM-HPC Evaluation Carrier Boards

Congatec and Kontron cooperate

8. März 2023, 11:00 Uhr | Tobias Schlichtmeier
Konrad Garhammer, Michael Riegert
Konrad Garhammer (COO and CTO at congatec) and Michael Riegert (CEO Kontron Europe GmbH and COO IoT Europe, Executive Board Member at Kontron AG) conclude the cooperation (from left to right).
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The aim of the collaboration is to standardize the design schemes of COM-HPC carrier boards. This should increase design security for developers. At the same time, development costs are to be reduced and new products implemented more quickly.

The two German embedded companies congatec and Kontron have signed a cooperation agreement. With this they standardize the design schemes of the COM-HPC evaluation carrier boards of both companies and publish a large part of the schemes in public design guides. The goal is to increase design security, reduce OEM NRE costs and accelerate time-to-market for new embedded and edge computing products based on the new COM-HPC standard.

The companies also aim to increase supply security through dual-sourcing strategies, as global supply shortages have dramatically increased OEM sensitivity over the past two years. Congatec and Kontron are improving interoperability with joint carrierboard design initiatives. For example, with a focus on plug-and-play capabilities so developers can use computer-on-modules from either vendor on any carrier board from either company.

The initial focus of the cooperation is on standardizing evaluation carrier boards for the COM-HPC client and server form factors. Other module standards such as COM Express and SMARC are to follow. This will allow developers to use not only the design guides but also the carrier board layouts for their own designs. As international threat scenarios have increased, the new standardized carrier boards will meet cyber security requirements.

Both companies emphasize that the cooperation relates exclusively to the standardization of evaluation carrier boards and that module development will remain strictly separate, as this core business is highly competitive.

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