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Chiplet Standards for 2.5/3D-DRAMs

17. Februar 2023, 10:50 Uhr | Heinz Arnold
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Winbond has joined the UCIe Consortium, which defines interconnects between chiplets within a package for advanced 2.5D/3D devices.

UCIe (Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express), is dedicated to advancing UCIe technology, an industry standard enabling an open chiplet ecosystem and facilitating the development of advanced 2.5D/3D devices. By joining the UCIe Consortium Winbond is positioned deliver standardized 3D DRAM and 2.5D/3D BEOL services to customers.

A leader in high-performance memory ICs, Winbond is an established supplier of known good die (KGD) needed to assure end-of-line yield in 2.5D/3D assembly. 2.5D/3D multichip devices are needed to realize the exponential improvements in performance, power efficiency, and miniaturization, demanded by the explosion of technologies such as 5G, Automotive, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

By joining the UCIe Consortium, Winbond supports interconnect standardization that simplifies system-on-chip (SoC) design and eases 2.5D/3D back-end-of-line (BEOL) assembly. The UCIe 1.0 specification provides a complete standardized die-to-die interconnect with a high-bandwidth memory interface, facilitating SoC-to-memory interconnection for low latency, low power, and high performance. Ultimately, standardization will power market growth in advanced multichip engines by accelerating the introduction of higher-performing products that deliver increased value for device makers and end users.

Winbond’s 3D CUBE as a Service (3DCaaS) platform gives customers an one-stop shopping service. It includes 3D TSV DRAM (aka CUBE) KGD memory dies and 2.5D/3D BEOL with CoW/WoW optimized for multichip devices, in addition to the consulting service. Thus, customers can have more completed and comprehensive support from CUBE and with extra value like Silicon-Cap and interposer. 

»The UCIe specification will enable 2.5D/3D chip technology to realize its full potential in AI applications from the cloud to the edge,« said Hsiang-Yun Fan, DRAM Vice President of Winbond. »This technology has a major role in continuing to raise performance as well as ensuring the affordability of cutting-edge digital services.«

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