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Chinese to plan battery cell plant in Germany

08. Juni 2018, 08:11 Uhr   |  Frank Riemenschneider

Chinese to plan battery cell plant in Germany
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Construction of a battery pack with battery management system using the example of an e-bike pack from Samsung SDI.

According to media reports, the Chinese battery giant CATL is planning a battery plant for electric cars in Erfurt. German car manufacturers are already dependent on battery cells from China, Japan and Korea. A CATL Fab in Germany would crown it all.

According to information from "Automobilwoche" and "Bloomberg News", the Chinese battery cell manufacturer CATL plans to invest in a plant in Germany. Erfurt should be considered as a possible location. CATL itself did not comment on the reports. According to information from the "Automobilwoche", however, Germany was chosen because there are many well-trained specialists in this country. Originally, Poland or Hungary were also mentioned as locations.

At present, the market for battery cells is dominated by a few manufacturers based in China, Japan or South Korea: LG Chem, Panasonic, Samsung, SK and CATL. Attempts to set up production in Germany have so far failed all along the line. Lastly, Bosch declared that it would not set up its own cell production, which was "regretted" by Chancellor Merkel. Previously, Daimler, Evonik and the joint venture Li-Tec (production ended at the end of 2015) had failed, as had Bosch and Samsung in the SB LiMotive joint venture, which was founded in 2008.

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