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Blockchain Starter Kit from Infineon

28. November 2018, 09:47 Uhr   |  Heinz Arnold

Blockchain Starter Kit from Infineon
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With its new Blockchain Security 2Go Starterkit, Infineon Technologies AG offers FinTechs and Blockchain designers the possibility to integrate hardware-based security into their systems quickly and easily.

With the Blockchain Security 2Go Starterkit from Infineon, FinTechs and Blockchain-Designer can integrate hardware-based security.

The starter kit includes five Infineon NFC smart cards with security chips that provide crypto functionality for various blockchain applications. In addition, an open source Android app for Ethereum including smart contract examples is provided. The NFC Smartcards help system designers of blockchains to develop first prototypes for blockchain applications quickly and easily. With security tokens - whether card, dongle, or integrated chip solution - users can generate their individual public and private keys, authenticate themselves with their PIN and sign their data and digital transactions. All user data can be stored in the security chip. They are therefore protected against attacks from the network on software and microarchitecture, and in particular against physical attacks on the chip itself, for example in the event of theft or loss of the security token.

"The success of blockchain applications depends on securing the interaction between the user and the system," said Stefan Rüping, responsible for Security Chip Architecture at Infineon. "Infineon's Blockchain Security 2Go starter kit enables the rapid development of easy-to-use access solutions based on security tokens or integrated security chips. They can significantly increase the security level and trust in blockchain solutions, an important prerequisite for market success".

Storing blockchain user data on a computer or mobile phone is convenient, but can be extremely risky. An attacker could identify and read sensitive information such as the user's strictly confidential private key. This can even be done remotely through software attacks, giving the attacker full control over this blockchain user and its assets, whether crypto money, identity or contracts. Similarly, if the user ID is lost, access to the values is lost because the credentials are usually not stored centrally and cannot be restored.

There is an urgent need to increase user ID security by integrating a token with a security chip that protects against both software attacks and physical attacks, with Infineon's new Blockchain Security 2Go Starterkit. It will be available in the first quarter of 2019.

In addition, Infineon and Xain are working together to make the AURIX microcontroller with integrated hardware security module usable for blockchain applications in cars.

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