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A New Standard for the Automotive Industry

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Creating an Open Market for as many Participants as Possible

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Stefan Brunner, Continental: "The ASA was created in order to make real competition possible through standardization."
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Physically, SerDes was initially implemented mostly as LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling), today CML (Current Mode Logic) is also used. The new standard should support user data rates of 3.6, 6.4, 9.7 and 13 Gbit/s and is specified for coaxial and STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) cables up to a length of 15 and 10 meters respectively. The first silicon-based test systems are expected to be available in the second or third quarter of 2020.

Matheus does not expect any significant technical problems in the development of the standard: "Outside the automotive sector, semiconductor manufacturers are already offering SerDes products with significantly higher data rates. Since there are already many established solutions, no major difficulties will be expected in standardization." In addition, the development of Automotive Ethernet has resulted in a build-up of know-how from which SerDes is now also benefiting in automotive applications.

For Brunner, the composition of the alliance also plays an important role: "ASA members include several OEMs and semiconductor manufacturers, cable and connector manufacturers, and a test house at a very early stage. This ensures a high quality of technical discussions and thus creates the necessary conditions for good solutions".

Matheus sees SerDes standardization as an important step from an inter- to an intra-competition: "When competition takes place between incompatible technical solutions, it is never good for the market because there is always restraint. Hardly any other supplier dares to invest in complimentary products in this case." In a competition based on a common standard, the situation is quite different: "We want to create an open market for as many participants as possible. Ultimately, everyone benefits from this.”

  1. A New Standard for the Automotive Industry
  2. Creating an Open Market for as many Participants as Possible

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