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3D – live and without glasses

05. April 2018, 09:54 Uhr   |  Manne Kreuzer

3D – live and without glasses
© Solectrix

Solectrix and SeeFront cooperate on an integrated, low-latency 3D live system.

For the first time Solectrix showcases an integrated, low-latency 3D live system consisting of a 3D camera and a 3D monitor from SeeFront for use without a headset.

Unlike conventional 3D systems this new development is an integrated system in which the complete image processing chain is gathered in one module. Image quality is contributed by the small camera heads of the MedCAM high-end 3D system from Nuremberg-based Solectrix.

The sensor technology of the camera heads record the image, and conduct the data for image processing and 3D conditioning to a 32-inch monitor. Patented 3D technology from SeeFront in Hamburg gives the observer a three-dimensional picture entirely without obstructions like the 3D glasses usually found. The compact, high-end image evaluating system is suitable for use in areas like medical technology, robot engineering, or sophisticated monitoring techniques.  

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