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ZF to Supply 8-Speed-Transmission for Fiat Chrysler

04. Juli 2019, 15:01 Uhr   |  Stefanie Eckardt

ZF to Supply 8-Speed-Transmission for Fiat Chrysler
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ZF will in future supply the 8HP for all Fiat Chrysler vehicles with rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive in the front-longitudinal design.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has nominated ZF Friedrichshafen as global transmission supplier for rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles with front-longitudinal drive configuration. ZF will then supply the new 8-speed automatic transmission.

»We are pleased being nominated as global transmission supplier by FCA. This is our second major order for the new 8HP and it confirms our strategy to focus on plug-in hybrids as an every-day solution and to develop attractive products in these areas«, says ZF's CEO Wolf-Henning Scheider.

The lead production facility for the new transmission generation, which will start series production in 2022, will be ZF’s plant in Saarbruecken. The company also plans to start production of the technology at further locations including the USA and China in the future.

The new 8-speed automatic transmission could be installed in almost all vehicle segments with a front-longitudinal drive configuration. A technical innovation of the upgraded transmission is the integration of the electric drive. With this, ZF supports its customers in achieving their CO2 reduction goals. With this modular transmission concept, manufacturers will be able to easily change from one transmission variant to another which gives them the flexibility to react to market requirements.

Three months ago, ZF signed a first contract for the delivery of the latest generation 8HP to BMW.

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