Volvo invests in Deep Tech

Windshields are turning into large display systems

25. November 2021, 9:24 Uhr | Irina Hübner
Mit der Technik von Spectalics lassen sich Bilder und Hinweise auf der Windschutzscheibe darstellen.
Spectralics technology can be used to display images and indications on the windshield.
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Volvo Cars is taking a stake in Israeli start-up Spectralics, which specializes in optical and imaging technology. The company's most exciting development is a thin optical film that can turn transparent surfaces into large displays.

Israel-based Spectralics has a background in aerospace engineering and develops state-of-the-art imaging, optical and infrastructure systems that incorporate hardware and software to enable a wide range of advanced optical functions.

At its core is the so-called Multi-Layered Thin Combiner (MLTC), a novel thin optical film suitable for transparent surfaces of all shapes and sizes. Windshields and other automotive windows are thus transformed into large displays on which images and information can be shown. A particularly large head-up display is also conceivable: The virtual objects in the real environment could contribute to an even safer and more intense driving experience.

Other conceivable uses include advanced filters for various applications, sensor technology in the interior, special cameras and digital holographic projections.

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Partner of the Volvo Innovation Networks

Spectralics is a former participant in the MobilityXLab program in Gothenburg, Sweden, and a current member of the DRIVE network in Tel Aviv. Both support promising startups breaking new ground in the mobility sector. Volvo Cars has been a leading partner of both initiatives since 2017.

Volvo Cars participates in the start-up through its in-house Volvo Cars Tech Fund. This gives Volvo access at an early stage of development to promising technologies that can make cars safer and revolutionize the user experience.

»This investment is another result from our successful collaboration with MobilityXLab and DRIVE and deepens our relationship with these innovation partners,« said Lee Ma, head of Volvo Cars Tech Fund. »Spectralics is a good fit for our portfolio. Their technology has the potential to set a standard for the next generation of displays and cameras.«

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