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Who Exhibits on Industrial Cloud & Co?

08. April 2021, 10:30 Uhr   |  Ute Häußler

Who Exhibits on Industrial Cloud & Co?
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The major German industrial trade fair #hm21 will take place digitally in 2021 - in line with Industry 4.0 and IIot.

The digital transformation of German industry is very evident at the Hannover Messe, which is now almost a Cebit substitute in some areas. We show a selection of I40 and IIoT providers which are worth a virtual visit in 2021 in the digital version starting next week.

Cloud and IT services will play an important role at the digital Hannover Messe from April 12 to 16, 2021. The use of artificial intelligence, data analytics and new "as a service" business models are moving into the "do it now" focus of the industry with the fully targeted digitization of all business and production processes. Predictive maintenance, the digital twin and real-time control are already a reality in many places - Hannover Messe 2021 will offer a wide range of application examples and virtual demonstrations for the concrete implementation of manufacturing execution systems (MES), condition monitoring, edge computing and cloud services in practice.

Industrial Cloud Services

Siemens plays an important role in the German IIoT. With its Digital Enterprise Portfolio, the flagship of German industry is presenting its highlights in the field of Industry 4.0 in a dedicated exhibitor channel at Hannover Messe. There you will find keynotes, interviews and expert talks, including on the leading IIoT platform in mechanical engineering Mindsphere and the new cloud cooperation with IBM.

The major cloud providers such as AWS Amazon Web Service, Microsoft and Intel Germany will be prominently represented in Hannover with solutions for public cloud, private solutions and edge computing tailored to the industry. With FreeRTOS, Amazon is presenting its own operating system for microcontrollers in edge devices. Intel is presenting a very broad portfolio for smart factories with TSN Over 5G as well as AI and real-time solutions for edge and cloud processing.

The German provider German Edge Cloud will show its data-sovereign edge and cloud solution Oncite for the digitalization of industrial manufacturing processes. In cooperation with IBM, the appliance can be integrated into all management levels of manufacturing and is already being used in Rittal's Smart Factory in Haiger (Fig. 1). The sister company itself is presenting the RiMatrix Next Generation IT infrastructure platform. The modular system is designed for the flexible, secure and fast construction of data centers - from edge to hyperscale. Visitors will learn online in more than 20 live streamings and expert presentations what is already feasible today in terms of IIoT.

IIot hm21 Hannover Messe Industrie 4.0 Rittal German Edge Cloud
© Rittal

Fig. 1. At Rittal's control cabinet plant in Haiger, the German Edge Cloud is already being used for end-to-end IIoT control of the now smart factory.

AI in Industrial Practice

Hanover-based Bitmotec offers an industrial IoT system kit based on an AI node that processes IIoT sensor technology. Diverse sensors can be freely combined to form an individual overall system. Measured variables for production or logistics are, for example, power consumption, vibration, temperature and humidity, but also IIoT cameras for machine vision.

The central network for Industry 4.0 in Germany, Plattform Industrie 4.0, will present a real laboratory for the application of AI in industry at the Hannover Messe: How can AI technologies be used profitably and human-centered under different I40 conditions? Visitors can observe various application scenarios across complex process chains and identify questions that AI could answer by drawing from existing data. The network of the BMWi and the BMBF In cooperation with Fraunhofer and SmartFactoryOWL offers continuous competitions and hackathons, which are intended to bring companies closer to the handling and use of and with artificial intelligence in practice (Fig. 2). Security by design" is also used to anchor security aspects that are essential for digital sovereignty. The AI Real Lab implements exemplary applications and combines the Industrie 4.0 approaches with the GAIA-X approach to develop a sovereign data infrastructure.

IIot hm21 Hannover Messe Industrie 4.0 Fraunhofer Smart Factory KI Reallabor
© Fraunhofer IOSB-INA

Fig. 2. The new AI real lab with (from left) Nissrin Arbesun Perez (SmartFactoryOWL), Dr. Alexander Maier (Group Leader Machine Learning), Dr. Oliver Niehörster (Head of Department Machine Intelligence) and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Jasperneite (Fraunhofer IOSB-INA).

The SmartFactory KL technology initiative presents Production Level 4, a new Industrie 4.0 production facility that integrates automation, humans and IT in equal measure. The new demonstrator features an up-to-date system architecture, module exchange and Gaia-X connection. The manufactured product, an individual USB memory in the form of a nub, serves only as a placeholder. The focus of the practical simulation from individual planning with batch size 1 to final delivery is on Batch1 production and the differentiation of products via the software. The individual production steps are transferable to any application.

Manufacturing Executive & Predictive Maintenance

Industrie Informatik (II) presents the latest version of its 360° manufacturing platform cronetworld. The Manufacturing Execution Platform (MEP) connects production software systems, technologies, applications, etc. to a 360-degree manufacturing platform, based on an open interface and communication layer for connecting peripheral and third-party systems. In addition, II will also explain the benefits of the new partnership with SIB Visions.

Automation specialist Balluff will present its condition monitoring solutions as a trade fair premiere in Hanover. In addition to electronic devices for condition-based maintenance, the Swabian industry champion will primarily present systems for predictive maintenance as a combination of its entire portfolio of automation solutions.

The Smart Maintenance Community of the Fraunhofer Group for Production supports companies in the transition to digital production and infrastructure, i.e. also in the development of data-driven business models in technical service. In order to master the challenges of the digital transformation in industry, Fraunhofer is presenting a very practice-oriented range of training courses for maintenance technologies and strategies at Hannover Messe.

Numerous other providers will be presenting themselves on the topic of industrial cloud, IIoT and services related to Industrie 4.0 at the digital Hannover Messe. All company appearances and digital trade fair offerings as well as the 2021 Digital Edition conference program are available online at:

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