Zone control units

Valeo and Leoni join forces

10. September 2021, 10:28 Uhr | Irina Hübner
Zonen-Steuergerät von Valeo und Leoni.
Leoni and Valeo jointly develop zone control units.
© Valeo / Leoni

Valeo and Leoni aim to jointly launch an industry-leading solution for zone control units - a key element of future vehicles.

Future vehicles will communicate more and more with each other and with the infrastructure. Zone ECUs will be the nerve centers of these new vehicle architectures, true control centers for connectivity, data transmission and consolidation, as well as for the centralization of electronic controls and for intelligent energy management. By combining their respective know-how, Valeo as Tier 1 and Leoni as Tier 2 are aiming for a leading position in the field of zone control systems. The technology is state-of-the-art and easy to integrate, thus meeting the challenges of future generations of vehicles.

Valeo and Leoni's solution is already in pre-development and is expected to enable the integration of more intelligence, functionality and performance in the vehicle. At the same time, it will reduce overall complexity as well as the amount of wiring - thereby also saving weight and costs. In addition, the newly developed technology is expected to optimize power distribution and thus enable a secure energy supply, for example for autonomous driving.

»Through this cooperation, Leoni and Valeo have all the prerequisites to become the global market leader in zonal control units, an area that poses major technological challenges for future vehicles,« said Marc Vrecko, President, Valeo Comfort & Driving Assistance Systems Business Group.

»Zonal architecture will play a key role in future electric vehicle architecture and is closely linked to Leoni's core competencies. The vast expertise of Valeo and Leoni in their respective fields complements each other perfectly and will enable us to take a leading role in the zonal ECU market,« said Walter Glück, Chief Technology Officer, Leoni Wiring Systems Division.

Valeo and Leoni are seeing strong demand in the market for zone ECUs. As they are in close exchange with European OEMs, they are already positioned to receive customer requests for quotation (RFQ).

As the world leader in driver assistance systems, with the most extensive DAS portfolio in the market and more than 6,000 engineers specialized in software, Valeo has unique expertise in sensors and electronic control units (ECUs), as well as in related software. Valeo will bring this expertise to systems engineering, software development and system validation. A newly created organizational unit will take care of strategically driving the Zone ECUs business within Valeo.

As a leading manufacturer of wiring systems, Leoni has a holistic view of vehicle architecture for optimal power distribution. Its extensive expertise in the design, optimization and manufacture of wiring systems and power distributors enables the development of advanced solutions. The integration of intelligent functions is a prerequisite for a safe and reliable power supply, on which the architectures of modern vehicles are built to enable advanced driving and safety functions. With the development of intelligent power distribution solutions, Leoni will provide innovative power electronics for the zone control units.

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