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The world's seventh-largest automotive supplier is called Forvia

10. Februar 2022, 10:46 Uhr | Irina Hübner
Hella ist nun Teil des Automobilzulieferers namens Forvia.
Hella is now part of the automotive supplier called Forvia.
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With Forvia, Faurecia and Hella present the overarching name of the de facto group created after the successful completion of Faurecia's acquisition of a majority stake in Hella.

Faurecia and Hella explain the choice of name as follows: Forvia is dedicated to PROGRESS and the goal of driving the mobility transformation on the roads (Latin 'VIA'). The de facto Group stands for agility, commitment, trust and acting to shape the mobility of tomorrow.

Forvia's vision for the future is based on four pillars: safety, sustainability, advanced solutions and personalized experiences. As a result, the Group believes it is uniquely positioned to continue to grow and benefit from the strategic factors.

Faurecia and Hella will continue to operate as two legally independent companies, working closely together to create sustainable value through technology solutions and synergies that are in the interest of both companies.

Under the Forvia umbrella brand, both companies will retain their legal names as Faurecia SE and Hella GmbH & Co. KGaA, respectively. They will communicate under the name Forvia, which will be used as the umbrella brand. Products will continue to be marketed and sold under their existing brands.

»We are Forvia! The new name reflects the core elements of our Faurecia and Hella brands and is a good translation of our common goal - to inspire mobility,« explains Patrick Koller, Chief Executive Officer of Faurecia. »The factual group represents 150,000 talented people in more than 40 countries, inspired by one vision, speaking with one voice and working as one team. As Forvia, we are shaping safe, sustainable, advanced and personalized mobility for the generations of today and tomorrow.«

Rolf Breidenbach, Chief Executive Officer of Hella, added: »Forvia is an excellent reflection of the close cooperation between Faurecia and Hella. The name embodies essential core aspects that have always distinguished both companies. These include dynamism, vision, passion, solution orientation, customer proximity and a sense of community. At the same time, Forvia is a clear signal of the departure into a common future.«

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