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The Winners of the embedded award 2021

03. März 2021, 14:00 Uhr   |  Harry Schubert

The Winners of the embedded award 2021
© Joachim Kroll

Presentation of the embedded award 2021 at embedded world 2021 Digital - broadcast live from the NürnbergMesse studio.

Prof. Dr. Axel Sikora announced the winners of this year's embedded award via video livestream.

The embedded award, which is presented every year at embedded world, has the task of shining a spotlight on innovations and technical progress in embedded systems. After all, most innovations in the embedded world are hidden, embedded in devices and larger systems. Thus, the embedded award as an award is also a symbol for technical progress.

All exhibitors at embedded world can take part in the competition for the embedded award by submitting their product proposals with the relevant descriptions and explanations. An international jury of embedded specialists from Germany, France, Ireland and Russia will evaluate these submissions according to four criteria:

  • Degree of innovation
  • Market relevance
  • Degree of complexity
  • Future expandability / scalability

Nominated, the three best

The jury has nominated three innovative products for the embedded award 2021:

  • SentriX Product Creator from Data I/O,
  • MAX78000 Neural Network Accelerator Chip from Maxim Integrated and
  • S32R45 Imaging Radar Processor from NXP Semiconductors.

embedded award 2021

SentriX Product Creator von Data I/O
Neural Network Accelerator Chip MAX78000 von Maxim Integrated
Imaging Radar Processor S32R45 von NXP Semiconductors

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Be honored

Pokale für den embedded award 2021
© Elektronik

The prestigious awards at embedded world 2021 DIGITAL: embedded awards 2021

The winner of the embedded award 2021 represents the trend and rapid advances in embedded intelligence. This year, the jury honors the MAX78000 Neural Network Accelerator Chip from Maxim Integrated with the embedded award 2021.

It is not only large companies that drive innovation, but it is above all SMEs and startups that provide new impetus. That's why embedded world created a category for startups two years ago. The winner of the embedded award for startups receives a media budget of 20,000 euros from WEKA Fachmedien.

The winner of the embedded award 2021 in our Start-Up category is the company Kudan with Visual SLAM, an API library for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM).

Visual SLAM von Kundan
© Kundan

Visual SLAM, an API library for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, from Kundan allows embedded systems to orient themselves on a map and determine their position.

KdVisual enables moving devices, such as robots, to understand where they are, how they move, and what their environment looks like using a camera and other sensors. SLAM is suitable for many mobile embedded applications, such as robotics, autonomous driving, AR/VR, drones and also smart city projects. They can use the map generated by SLAM to determine their position in space and orient themselves beyond fixed routes, in areas without GNSS reception and in applications with limited hardware resources.

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